Analysis and Modeling
of Complex Data
in Behavioural and Social Sciences

Anacapri (Capri Island, Italy), 3-4 September 2012
Joint meeting of Japanese and Italian Classification Societies

Satellite meeting of COMPSTAT 2012


Special arrangements between University of Naples "Federico II" and some local hotels will assure hospitality at convenient costs. Participants are requested to make their reservations at least five months in advance, due to the great touristic affluence. Here is a preliminary list of available hotels:

You are expected to contact the hotel management and reserve your accomodation with them. Please specify you are going to attend the JCS-Cladag12 meeting on 3-4 September.

Hotels in Anacapri with a special arrangements

All problems concerning accommodation and refreshment must be treated (by phone, e-mail, fax,…) directly with these hotels or other local agencies.

Other Available hotels

Other choices, including bed-and-breakfast kind of accomodation, can be found on:

Please note also that it is advisable to reserve accomodation in Anacapri town, and not in Capri town, since the two locations are not very close.

Useful contact

If you prefer for the accomodation you can contact:

Capri Eventi
phone 0039 081 8379942 – fax 0039 081 8375417

For further information, please contact