Analysis and Modeling
of Complex Data
in Behavioural and Social Sciences

Anacapri (Capri Island, Italy), 3-4 September 2012
Joint meeting of Japanese and Italian Classification Societies

Satellite meeting of COMPSTAT 2012

Conference venues

The JCS-Cladag12 Conference will take place at the University of Naples International Centre for Scientific Culture, Villa Orlandi in Anacapri.

Villa Orlandi is situated just steps away from Piazza Boffe, the heart of the historic center of Anacapri.

Villa Orlandi was built in the 18th Century. It is built on two levels with a rustic colonnade entrance, like many of the gardens of Capri. There is also an abundance of chimneys. Inside are 18th Century mirrored vaults and plaster work. It later became the property of Giuseppe Orlandi and since 1939 it has belonged to the Cerio Foundation.

Villa Orlandi was originally built as simple country residence and was relatively uninfluenced by the more sophisticated architectural styles used for the other important houses of Anacapri, such as the Casa Rossa and Villa San Michele. Before its restoration by Edwin Cerio and purchase by Giuseppe Orlandi, the edifice was part of the Teresian Convent and was known locally as the 'Casa della Badessa' (House of the Abbess).

The entrance drive to Villa Orlandi is lined with a classical colonnade. The interiors are characterized by elegant details in stucco, typical of Capri's 18th century homes. Today Villa Orlandi houses the University of Naples' International Center of Scientific Culture, and its rooms are used to host seminars and academic meetings of international importance.

Villa Orlandi has limited access to the internet.

Download here the maps with the main conference locations

More information about the Villa Orlandi are available here (in English) - here (in Italian).

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